Tematică – Limba engleză Licență LMA 2018


1. Pluralia tantum nouns: nouns with mass noun properties

2. Pluralia tantum nouns: nouns with count noun properties

3. Inflected genitive

4. Prepositional genitive

3. Gender classes

5. Quasi-count nouns

6. Collective nouns

7. The values/uses of the present perfect

8. Temporal adverbs with the present perfect and the past tense

9. The values/uses of the simple present tense

10. The values/uses of the subjunctive

11. Auxiliary and modal verbs

12. Passive voice

13. Existential constructions

14. Types of questions

15. Coordination and ellipsis

16. That complement clauses (reported speech, the sequence-of-tenses)

17. Infinitival complement clauses

18. Constructions based on raising

19. Gerundial clauses

20. Relative clauses

21. Adverbial clauses

22. Legal (Document) Translation. Exercises



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