Volumul XXII, nr.2/2011

Most of the articles published in the Cultural Studies section belong to the theme American Myths, Icons and Brands and are based on the research project Translations of American Myths, Icons and Brands in Post-Communist Romanian Culture (TRANSMIT), supported by CNCSIS-UEFISCSU, Project number PNII – IDEI – 802/2009.

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I. Culture and Linguistics

Proper Nouns and the Prior Denomination Feature [Pages 11 - 24]
Mihaela Miron-Fulea

Language and Identification of the Self on the Sites of Romanians Abroad [Pages 25 - 38]
Ana Maria Munteanu, Aida Todi

Postcolonial Englishes in America: The Chicano English Dialect [Pages 39 - 48]
Costin – Valentin Oancea

II. Literature(s)

A Structuralist Reading of Hardy’s Jude the Obscure [Pages 51 - 58]
Kamal Abbasi

Experiencing Sexuality: The Politics of Gender Identity in Ian McEwan’s Fiction [Pages 59 - 70]
Alina Buzarna-Tihenea (Gălbează)

Human Condition Between the Fantastic and the Absurd in Eugene Ionesco’s Rhinoceros [Pages 71 - 82]
Marina Cap-Bun

Sins of the Father Revisited: A Psychoanalytic Reading of Sylvia Plath’s “Daddy” [Pages 83 - 90]
Parisa Changizi, Parvin Ghasemi

The Murder of Gonzago: Reading Shakespeare’s Hamlet in Communist Bulgaria [Pages 91 - 96]
Ileana Alexandra Orlich

Allen Ginsberg and the Theology of Eclectic Mysticism [Pages 97 - 106]
Raluca –Nicoleta Rogoveanu

The Hidden Depths of García Márquez’s Chronicle of a Death Foretold [Pages 107 - 116]
Ali Shehzad Zaidi

III. Cultural Studies

A Museal Turn: Negotiating Memory in Romanian History Museums before and after the Fall of the Wall [Pages 119 - 126]
Adina Ciugureanu

The Discourse of Service Encounters in Post Communist Romania: Iconicity and Polite Routines of American Descent [Pages 127 - 140]
Diana Hornoiu

The Translation of the Ethnic Minority Discourse from the U.S.A. to Romania. The Case of the Rroma [Pages 141 - 148]
Ludmila Martanovschi

An Approach to Multicultural Education [Pages 149 - 156]
Lavinia Nădrag

CorpTweet: Brands, Language and Identity in Web 2.0 [Pages 157 - 168]
Otilia Pacea

Media Theory and Reception Specificities in Romania [Pages 169 - 178]
Raluca Petre

Icons of Irish Cultural Heritage and Tourism [Pages 179 - 188]
Nicoleta Stanca

Terror, Monkey-Wrenching and (Counter)Netwar: Reading Edward Abbey in the Age of Pure War [Pages 189 - 200]
Florian Andrei Vlad

Book Review

The Greek-Latin Mythology between Theoretical Framework and Exegesis Models (Maria-Luiza Dumitru-Oancea, Mitologia Greco-Romană. Bucharest: Editura Universităţii, 2010) [Pages 203 - 206]
Petre Gheorghe Bârlea

Notes on Contributors