The Annals of ”Ovidius” University of Constanța: Philology Series

Vol. XXX, 2/2019


Coordonator / Edited by Estella Ciobanu


Ovide en exil et les voix du silence - Élisabeth Gavoille - pp. 1–15text integral

Screaming Silence: Medusa and the Enlightening Darkness of Ancient Texts and Modern Science - Estella Ciobanu - pp. 16–36 text integral

The Production of Musical Meanings in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar and Antony and Cleopatra - Claudia Grigore - pp. 37 - 47text integral

Framing the Sounds of Laughter in The Two Gentlemen of Verona - Lavinia Rusu Mircea - pp. 48–62text integral

Volpone – Animal and Moral Monstrosity - Mihaela Ilinca Tănăselea - pp. 63–74text integral

Journeying in Time and Space “through the tall heat that slept”: Larkin’s “The Whitsun Weddings” - N. Belgin Elbir - pp. 75–85text integral

Exile as a Spatial Metaphor in the Postcolonial Short Story - Nüzhet Berrin Aksoy - pp. 86–96 text integral

“The Right Choice”: Introducing Black Youth’s Struggle as Protest in Katori Hall’s Hurt Village and Bola Agbaje’s Gone Too Far! - Ludmila Martanovschi - pp. 97–107text integral

Material Ecocritical Patterns in Neil Gaiman’s American Gods - Dragoș Osoianu - pp. 108–119text integral

The Sound of Silence: Women Voices in the American Century Cycle by August Wilson - Sînziana Popescu - pp. 120–129text integral

The Meanings and Functions of Silence in the Literary Work of Neagoe Basarab - Florentina Nicolae - pp. 130–136)text integral

Clothes Kaleidoscopes in the novel Adela by Garabet Ibrăileanu - Adriana Moraru - pp. 137–148 text integral

Speak, silence! The Whispered History of a Dislocated People - Gordana-Nicoleta Peici - pp. 149–163 text integral

The Art of Transgressing Boundaries: The Sacred and the Profane in Pier Paolo Pasolini’s Cinema - Emanuela Patti - pp. 164–181text integral

The Sounds Beneath: Dominant Discourses, Silent Voices and Cultural Echoes in The Shape of Water - Lucia Opreanu - pp. 182–197text integral

Traumatic Film Adaptations: Baz Luhrmann’s Cases of ‘Cinematic Sublimes’: Romeo + Juliet (1996) and The Great Gatsby (2013) - Ileana Jitaru - pp. 198–207text integral

Recasting James Bond in Iran: The Voice of Masculinity at the Cost of Silencing Women - Azra Ghandeharion & Ali Aghaei - pp. 208–226text integral

A New Wave within The New Wave of the Romanian Film Industry? - Alina Costea - pp. 227–237text integral


Translating Cultural Capital: Orhan Pamuk’s Istanbul in Romanian - Roxana Bîrsanu - pp. 238–251text integral

Changements dans le texte traduit : entre fidélité et trahison du texte source - Anda Rădulescu - pp. 252–265text integral

L’espace traductif entre vocalité et silence - Mioara Codleanu - pp. 266–280text integral

The Order beyond the Hazards: Pronominal Reference and the Significance of Space-Time Markers in The Hazards by Jane O. Wayne - Claudia Pisoschi - pp. 281–294text integral

L’expression de la possession - D. A. Geoglovan - pp. 295–309text integral

Bad Language or Language Variation and Change? Interpretation, Context and Social Motivations in English - Costin-Valentin Oancea - pp. 310–322text integral

Selected Linguistic Elements of Identification of the Identity in Korean Legal Documents - Emilia Wojtasik-Dziekan - pp. 323–335text integral

Some Considerations on Fake News Detection - Diana Hornoiu - pp. 336–344text integral


The “Parallel State” Metaphor in the Discourse of Romanian Online News and Political Analysis Platforms - Alexandra Codău - pp. 345–360text integral

Le rapport à l’espace et au temps dans la rubrique « les coulisses du récit » de la revue XXI : Rechercher des effets de réel - Mirela Lazăr et Pierre Morelli - pp. 361–375text integral

Métaphores ou ressources symboliques dans le discours politique. Symbolique des sigles électoraux et des événements locaux - Mariana Tocia - pp. 376–390text integral

The Field of Local Journalism in Constanța: Profession as Metaphor - Raluca Petre & Florina Nănescu - pp. 391–403text integral

Regional Television after Communism in Dobrogea - Adelina-Alexia Tocitu - pp. 404–419 text integral

Communication Strategies and the Rise of Populist Discourse during the European Parliament Elections of May 2019 - Costel Coroban - pp. 420–434 text integral

Control: A Perspective on Social Media - Daniel Clinci - pp. 435–445text integral

Limits and Opportunities of Collaboration in a Digital Context - Valentin Vanghelescu - pp. 446–460text integral