Article Submission Guidelines

The style sheet and media transfer should take into account the following:

- Send your papers as an attachment by electronic mail

- Length: 5000 – 7000 words

- The text must be processed in Word

- Font: Times New Roman (12 pt)

- Line spacing: 1

- Please do not insert page numbers

- Indent paragraph beginnings one tab; do not indent first paragraph

- Tables and charts should be inserted as objects which can be moved with the text.

- Title: bold capitals, centered

- Author's name: under title, regular, aligned right

- Affiliation: under author’s name, regular, aligned right

- Articolul va fi realizat în limba engleză sau în limba franceză;

- The abstract of the paper will be written in English, using Times New Roman, size 11, italic (minimum 10 lines, justify)

- Keywords will be written in English, in Times New Roman, size 11

- Please insert footnotes rather than endnotes, if necessary

- Quotations exceeding 2 lines should be typed in a paragraph indented one tab, Times New Roman 12, single spaced

References: Works Cited list and In-Text Citations will be written in the MLA style ( for further information, if needed); after a quote in the body of your paper, indicate the source in brackets, using the format specified below as the In-Text Citation form; all references should be given in an alphabetical list at the end of the paper under the heading: WORKS CITED (aligned left), using the format specified below as the Works Cited form. The second line of the reference should be indented one tab.

Guidelines for MLA Citation Style
Type of Entry In-Text Citation Form Works Cited Form
Book. Single Author (Williams 35). Williams, Raymond. Culture and Society. Harmondsworth: Penguin Books, 1978.
Book. Two or Three Authors (Nachbar, Lause 55-56). Nachbar, Jack, Kevin Lause. Popular Culture: An Introductory Text. Bowling Green Ohio: Bowling Green University State Press, 1922. NOTE: If there are more than three authors, name only the first and add et al. or name each author
No Author Given (A Handbook of Korea 241-47). A Handbook of Korea. 4th ed. Seoul: Korean Overseas Information Service, Ministry of Culture and Information, 1982.
Author's Work in an Anthology (Auerbach 10). Auerbach, Nina. "Jane Austen and Romantic Imprisonment." Jane Austen in a Social Context. Ed. David Monaghan. Totowa, NJ: Barnes, 1981. 9-27.
A Multivolume Work (Ford 4: 20-22). Ford, Boris. The Pelican Guide to English Literature, 8 vols. London: Penguin, 1966.
Edition Other Than the First (Dilworth 328-33). Dilworth, James. Production and Operation Management. 3rd ed. New York: Random House, 1986.
A Republished Book (Doctorow 209-12). Doctorow, E.L. Welcome to Hard Times. 1960. New York: Bantam, 1976.
A Book in a Series (Link 16-31). Link, Arthur. Woodrow Wilson and the Progressive Era, 1910-1917. New American Nation Series. New York: Harper, 1954.
A Book having a Translator (Amalrik 193). Amalrik, Andrei. Notes of a Revolutionary. Trans. Guy Daniels. New York: Alfred A. Knoff, 1982.
An Unfinished Thesis or Dissertation (Yorik 9) Yorik, L. S. "The Myth of Anchises in Shakespeare's Hamlet". Unpublished Ph. D. Dissertation. Department of English, University of Chicago.
A Private Communication (Perry) Information in a letter to the author from Professor John R. Perry, University of Chicago. September 14, 1987.
An Article in a "Familiar" Reference Book ("Wasatch Range"). "Wasatch Range." Encyclopedia Americana. 1993 ed.
Article in a Journal (Spear 94). Spear, Karen. "Building Cognitive Skills in Basic Writers." Teaching English in the Two-Year College 9 (1983): 91-98.
Article from a Weekly or Biweekly Magazine (Gleick 33). Gleick, Elizabeth. "Sex, Betrayal and Murder." Time 17 July 1995: 32-33+.
Article from a Monthly or Bimonthly Magazine (Snyder 68). Snyder, Mark. "Self-Fulfilling Stereotypes." Psychology Today July 1982: 60-68.
Article from a Newspaper (Jereski C1). Jereski, Laura. "Entertainment Stocks: Is a Boffo Performance Over?" Wall Street Journal 1 Aug. 1995, eastern ed.: C1+.
Film Review (Harrington D1). Harrington, Richard. "Under Siege 2: Railroad Ruckus." Rev. of Under Siege 2. Washington Post 15 July 1995: D1+.
Interview (Morganis). Morganis, Nancy. Telephone Interview. 8 Aug. 1995.
Television program ("Debate on Welfare Reform"). "Debate on Welfare Reform." Face the Nation. CBS. 6 Aug. 1995.
Electronic Source: Document Within Online Scholarly Project ("Kosovo"). "Kosovo." Encyclopaedia Britannica Online. 13 Sept. 1999 .
Electronic Source: Article in Online Periodical (Maxwell Library Home Page). Maxwell Library Home Page. 3 Aug. 1999. Clement C. Maxwell Library, Bridgewater State College. 13 Sept. 1999 .